Herbal Storage Turns On with a Valve! (Try it with coffee.)


HerbSafe is the newest product launch from Regency Products International, Inc., the company which introduced BeanSafe, the storage container solution for coffee lovers, sold since 2012 online and at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, HSN, and others. Using our patent-pending one-way silicon valve, BeanSafe stainless steel containers protect and seal-in the flavor of whole beans for the best coffee brews possible. BeanSafe received a Best New Product award from the New York Coffee Fest Show 2013. Our products fill a void in best methods to preserve coffee, herb, tea, and pet-food products. Avoiding the destructive infiltration of air, moisture, heat and light, the same protective qualities of BeanSafe apply to the storage and cultivation of herbal and plant products. For retention of freshness, potency, and cultivation, we launched HerbSafe for the personal and industrial customer. Let us know how you like it!

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How do I use my HerbSafe canister?

HerbSafe is simple to use and requires no maintenance. Add your favorite herbal product into your HerbSafe and close the clips.  The valve works on its own and does not need to be pushed down or even touched. Clip it closed, and no moisture, no light, will enter the canister to retain fresh and potent herb longer.

How does the HerbSafe one-way valve work?

HerbSafe has a patented one-way valve which does not permit air or gas to enter the container. The HerbSafe pressure release valve never requires cleaning or replacement.

How long will a HerbSafe canister last?

The main moving parts on HerbSafe are the locking mechanisms which seal the top of the canister. The mechanisms on HerbSafe have been tested, and endured more than 400,000 repetitions of the open/close cycle. How long is that? Try it and see ya later.

What is the HerbSafe Five Gallon Lid?

Our Five-Gallon-Lid is an advancement in technology for large-scale growers and facilities. The lid includes the HerbSafe patent-pending one-way silicon valve and fits 3.5 to 7 gallon buckets. Once you secure the lid, there is no need for human interference in terms of “burping” or other previous steps in cultivation. The Five-Gallon-Lid saves hours of effort and cures plants by itself.

How can I purchase HerbSafe products?

HerbSafe containers are available at a growing number of smoke shops and dispensaries in United States. Purchase directly here, and buy one for a friend! Want HerbSafe in your shop? Are you a grower? Contact info@herbsafe.net  for wholesale orders and any questions.