Introducing HerbSafe, the world’s first actively curing container with a patent-pending airtight valve. A twist of technology brings storage to a new level in herbal preservation and “no burp” cultivation.

● HerbSafe’s aeration system creates the ideal interior atmosphere to store and protect herbal contents — eradicating the strain weakening possibilities of air, moisture, heat and light.

● HerbSafe stainless steel containers use a patent-pending silicon valve. The one-way pressure release valve keeps air and moisture out, while allowing CO2 to escape. Clip down the lid, and the silicon seal activates to keep out any gases, and eliminates a drying effect.

● HerbSafe’s patent-pending pressure release valve never needs to be replaced and is dishwasher safe. You do not need to do anything to it.

● HerbSafe containers are made of durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel and a food-grade polypropylene lid. Laboratory tested to be safe and BPA-free.

● Personal Storage: HerbSafe comes in Mini and Large size stainless steel canisters, with a BPA-free polypropylene lid including our patent-pending one-way silicon valve.

● Cultivation: HerbSafe’s Five-Gallon-Lid introduces advances for large grow facilities. The patent-pending one-way silicon valve allows a burp-free curing process independently on its own.

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Mini 3″ HerbSafe in Green: Stainless Steel Storage Canister with All-Green Lid and One-Way Patent-Pending Silicon Valve. Clip-down, airtight lid of BPA-free polypropylene. For personal use, a great gift!  3” H x 3” dia. Retail $24.99

Large HerbSafe in Black: Stainless Steel Storage Canister with Black Lid and One-Way Patent-Pending Silicon Valve. Clip-down, airtight lid of BPA-free polypropylene. 6” H x 4.5” Dia., Retail $29.99

HerbSafe Five-Gallon-Lid with Patent-Pending One-Way Valve Only:
Fits 3.5 to 7-Gallon Buckets
Designed for cultivation sites, the clip-down, airtight, HerbSafe lid with patent-pending one-way silicon valve eliminates the need to “burp” large containers, as it does the job efficiently on its own. $49.99 Retail. Click here for Wholesale Orders.